Practice Shapes : Android App To Learn Shapes

Only way to learn something is to learn it by yourself.

Recently I have been playing with Canvas in android and it has been fun! 😀

As they say knowledge is knowing tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in vegetable basket. And best way to persist new gained “wisdom” is to put it in use.

Practice Shapes is a fun app both for kids and grown-up kids (Yes. You!), to test their drawing skills. Though I know drawing on a mobile screen with your fingers is not your favorite thing, but still you will enjoy it! 😀

Download the app from play store :


This app is open source : You can fork it at



  • Android SDK
  • Bitmap Images of Shapes

The power lies in not reinventing the wheel, but to use it to move forward.


  1. Universal Image Loader
  2. Sugar ORM
  3. Fancy Buttons

To Create Images : 

To create images for the app on which user draws, i used GIMP. These are just simple images with transparent background.

Right now, there are total of 18 images in the app under 3 difficulty levels.

If you can add more images feel free to do so.

Screenshots of app : 



Download the app from play store :


Android Application for a basic Calculator.

Hi there,

This time would like to share my new project ‘ A basic calculator built for the android platform.’

Creating android apps always seemed cool to me . Able to start  learning  to create one is even cooler.

This project uses simple things like XML layouts, Activities using java, Intents, OnclickListeners and some more basic concepts of java and android.

Below are the screenshots of the app running in both real android device and AVD.

Calculator screenshot
App running on a real android device


calculator screnshot
app running on an android emulator.


You can download the .apk file of the app from the link below and give it a shot.

Any comments and suggestions are more then welcome.