Android Application for a basic Calculator.

Hi there,

This time would like to share my new project ‘ A basic calculator built for the android platform.’

Creating android apps always seemed cool to me . Able to start  learning  to create one is even cooler.

This project uses simple things like XML layouts, Activities using java, Intents, OnclickListeners and some more basic concepts of java and android.

Below are the screenshots of the app running in both real android device and AVD.

Calculator screenshot
App running on a real android device


calculator screnshot
app running on an android emulator.


You can download the .apk file of the app from the link below and give it a shot.

Any comments and suggestions are more then welcome.


A Basic Calculator using Swing and JAVA(TM).

Hi,there .
This time i would like to share my new work.
This a basic four function calculator made using java and Swing.
The GUI created is with the help of….you guessed it right SWING.


Java simple calculator

1. A four-function calculator with the following functions:
* Addition – adds two numbers
* Subtraction – subtracts number two from number one
* Multiplication – Multiplies two numbers
* Division – divides number two into number one

2. Used JButton for the numbers and functions.

3. Created a class to respond to the events caused by numbers, functions, exit, help and about functionality.

The run-able .jar file can be downloaded freely from the link.

Any comments or bug reports are more then welcome.