About Me



Priyank is a/an  :

  1. Software Developer. (Android and Rails but can work with anything for food! 😛 )
  2. CS undergrad.
  3. Education technology enthusiast.
  4. Entrepreneur at heart.
  5. Tennis lover. ( Biggest Nadal fan on this planet! )
  6. Dragon Ball Z lover.
  7. Beer and Coffee drinker.
  8. Foodie.
  9. Punk rock music fan. (Green Day! Anyone!?
  10. Generalist

IQ Test

Still want to know more…

  • Priyank loves to sleep. So much that he even dreams about it!
  • Priyank loves to wear funny T-shirts because they are so cool!
  • Priyank’s favorite band is Green Day!

Still scratching your head over him…

Here are some of his profiles :

Email : priyankvex95@gmail.com

That’s all folks!


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